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Our Breeding Females

GAZJACKHOF GRACIE (subject to Hip & Elbow Results and not until she is two years old. Her Sire is Boomer Polarstern SchH3  Dam is Aurora von Annok  Gracie's Scores now back  HIP SCORE 4:4   ELBOW SCORE 0:0  GRacie had a super litter of 2 males and 1 female to Geo. We wish their owners years of pleasure with their new puppy.

YARRI VOM STREITHAHN  SchH1 kkl1   Hips & Elbows Normal  DNA Tested.  SIRE: Nilo aus Wattenscheid SchH3 KKL1 DAM: Verra vom Streithahn SchH1 KKL1

VANILLA VOM HOLTKAMPERHOF  Hips & Elbows Normal   Sire: Renzo vom Holtkamper See

HANNA VOM HOLTKAMPER SEE SchH1   KKL1   Sire: Renzo vom Holtkamper See  Dam:  VA9 Zadana vom Holtkamper See    (Sieger Show - Germany)