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GAZJACKHOF GRACIE (subject to Hip & Elbow Results and not until she is two years old. Her Sire is Boomer Polarstern SchH3  Dam is Aurora von Annok  Gracie's Scores now back  HIP SCORE 4:4   ELBOW SCORE 0:0  GRacie had a super litter of 2 males and 1 female to Geo. We wish their owners years of pleasure with their new puppy.

YARRI VOM STREITHAHN  SchH1 kkl1   Hips & Elbows Normal  DNA Tested.  SIRE: Nilo aus Wattenscheid SchH3 KKL1 DAM: Verra vom Streithahn SchH1 KKL1

VANILLA VOM HOLTKAMPERHOF  Hips & Elbows Normal   Sire: Renzo vom Holtkamper See

HANNA VOM HOLTKAMPER SEE SchH1   KKL1   Sire: Renzo vom Holtkamper See  Dam:  VA9 Zadana vom Holtkamper See    (Sieger Show - Germany)



Yarri Vom Streithahn

SchH1 KKL1 Hips & Elbows Normal

Sire: Nilo aus Wattenscheid SchH3
(Sony von der Neudenenauer Holtzsteige SchH3) 

Dam: Verra Vom Streithahn SchH2
(Djenges Khan vom Sante's home)

Yarri arrived at our kennels late June 2011 She was shown in Germany in February, gaining SG4 (20 present) under Judge Norbert Wettlaufer (vom Sendberg). We hope to exhibit Yarri when she is in show condition.






Vanilla vom Holtkamper Hof at Clyde Valley GSD Show


Villa is a first prize Championship & Open Show winner and also graded V4 at the Scottish Regional (Herr Setzer) and V4 at West Yorks GSD Club REgional under Marco Ossman (vom Fichtenschlag) VIlla gained 1st place at the Dutch Sieger Show 2015 She has recently had life saving surgery due to a serious womb infection, so she is now spayed, so no more puppies for her unfortunately.


Hanna vom Holtkamper See SchH1 KKL1 Regional SIegerin at the League Event 15th June 2014  V6 British SIeger Working Class  Hanna passes her korung 9th May 2015

Hazelgrove Banja

1st Puppy BItch and Best Puppy BItch at Clyde Valley GSD Show. 1st JUnior Bitch - Fife Champ Show.. SG3 British Sieger. Best BItch GSD Club Scotland.1st Spec. Yearling, Best BItch & Best of Breed at MIdland Counties GSD Club

Sire: Geo von der VIlla Musica        Dam: Vanilla vom Holtkamper Hof