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Welcome to Hazelgrove German Shepherd Dogs (Kennel Club Accredited Breeder) Est. 1977

Member of SV (Germany)

'Hazelgrove' is the Kennel Club registered affix for all German Shepherd Dogs bred by Ann Robinson.

 We have now resigned from the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme. We go above and beyond what is required by this scheme. We have set standards from the Hip & Elbow scores we breed from. An assured breeder is we are informed allowed to breed from any dog that is Hip Scored no matter how bad the score is. We also DNA test all our breeding dogs and already have three DNA proven progeny from our dogs. Until the scheme has maximum scores to be bred from we will not be re-joining it. It is a good idea in principle but the scheme does not go far enough, especially by allowing dogs with high scores to be bred from. Our current highest Hip Score is 8:6 (14) and she has not been bred from yet.

As with most German Shepherd Breeders Ann's first dog was purchased as a Companion, but Ann soon became interested in Showing. Although a litter was only bred about every four years to start with, Ann was fortunate
enough to breed some quality pups from her all German bred foundation female purchased from Philip Johnson. One of these pups  Hazelgrove Cora won a very strong class of seventeen puppies under Malcolm Griffiths at Norfolk Championship Show, and she was always very well placed under visiting German Judges.

It then was fifteen years until Hazelgrove Monika was born, sired by Xylona Codie (owned by Alan Hall – Vedamac GSDs) out of  quarantine born Karanberg Lissi. 'Mona' won Best Puppy in Show at Reedyford GSD Club, aged 7 months beating 34 puppies including the Best Puppy Dog & Bitch from that years Two Day National. Xylona Codie won Best Dog that day, so it was certainly a day to remember. Mona went on to win many Best Puppy awards at Open Shows  and Limit Class wins at Championship Shows. Mona went on to produce a 2CC winning male sired by Gayvilles Nilo.

Karanberg Lissi produced in every litter. One dog sired by Cello v. Aschera namely Hazelgrove Karlo was sold as a pet but went on to do Schutzhund and gained SchH3,  then after coming out of retirement he qualified  FH (advanced Tracking) at 8 yrs of age.

Another Hazelgrove male was Cleveland Police Action Dog of the Year.

Another male was exported to Dubai where he became a sniffer dog at the Airport and also sired many working dogs for them.

Freda of Frabern at Rothick was a female purchased for her superior breeding. Due to unfortunate circumstances (no money to campaign her !!) Freda went to live in Ireland with good friends Frank & Bernadette Campbell and they showed her and gained her Irish Title, also Annual Champion  1986 Title.



Hazelgrove Orchid (Riva) is on the left of this photo. She was SG3 at the British Sieger Show September 2010 Riva is the daughter of Karo vom Nordkristall (Import) and Shannossberh Amber. She has a Hip Score of 16 and Elbow Score zero. She has qualified Breed Survey Class 1 and is now owned by Alan Hall (Vedamac)



We have owned dogs imported from Germany who have had fantastic characters and have complemented our bloodlines. Our latest additions are GEO VON DER VILLA MUSICA, YARRI VOM STREITHAHN SchH1 KKL1  VANILLA VOM HOLTKAMPER HOF & HANNA VOM HOLTKAMPER SEE & KAIOS VOM STREEK

We also have some very nice home bred females, all have good hips and are Breed Survey Class 1

Our Policy is to Hip & Elbow Score all dogs we keep, Haemophilia test the males and Breed Survey all our dogs. The health and well being of our Shepherds is of primary concern. WE have now DNA tested all our dogs.

See our Puppies for sale page for more information on what we do.

Our Latest Hip & Elbow Scores:  hazelgrove Yvette  Hip Score 4:2 (6)  Elbow Score 0:0  Bundaberg Roxy  Hip Score 5:6  Elbow Score 0:0